Allan Kehler   @allankehler

Allan’s mission is to empower his audience to live opposed to merely exist. Allan spent a significant amount of his life persevering through mental health issues and addictions. These experiences have taught him valuable life lessons that have guided him on an incredible path of success. As a professional speaker, Allan has gained national attention for his engaging style and captivating approach. Drawing from personal and professional experiences, Allan demonstrates how to create a safe, compassionate, and supportive environment that proactively addresses issues of wellness. He effectively speaks to these sensitive issues using humour, compassion, and authenticity.  Allan has spent years working as an addictions counsellor, clinical case manager, and instructor at several colleges. His genuine appreciation and passion for the First Nations culture led Allan to the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies where he has spent the past seven years instructing the Addictions and Mental Health & Wellness program. Allan is a best-selling author of three books, with Stepping Out from the Shadows: A Guide to Understanding & Healing from Addictions, being incorporated into college curricula. Allan’s writing has been published in countless national magazines, and he has also been featured on several television and radio programs. Allan currently lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with his beautiful wife, four boys, two dogs, and cat ‘Hank the Tank’.

October 4th

11:00am - 12:20am (Breakout Session 5 - Gold Room)

Goodbye Stress. Hello Life!

1:15pm - 2:25pm (Breakout Session 6 - Gold Room)

Goodbye Stress. Hello Life!

We live in a fast-paced society with a seemingly endless list of demands. Life will naturally bring us stress, but the key is moving forward so that it doesn’t impact other areas of our lives. Allan draws on his personal and professional experiences, leaving you inspired to persevere through your personal challenges rather than avoid or escape them. You will be encouraged to take an honest look at what lies beneath pain, and be provided with the tools to heal through a holistic approach. Participate in an interactive quiz and an entertaining game of Pie Face. You will walk away from this session with wellness strategies that are applicable in both your personal and professional life.