Dave Ericson  

Dave Ericson is the Principal Consultant at Hillcrest Financial. Hillcrest is based in Calgary and serves municipal clients across Western Canada and the Arctic. 

Dave has spent over two decades honing his expertise in group benefits and retirement consulting. Over his years in underwriting, communications, and account management, Dave has learned that the key to a great benefits package is communication, and he applies that knowledge in his day-to-day work. As the Principal Consultant at Hillcrest, Dave oversees the design and implementation of client benefit and retirement programs.

October 9th

3:00pm - 4:15pm (Breakout Session 3 - Selkirk Room)

The Sustainability of Employee Benefit Plans

The scope of employee benefit plans has changed dramatically over the past few decades.


Originally called “Group Insurance”, the plans were designed to cover catastrophic, infrequent and unpredictable losses. Today, our “Benefit Plans” have become more about providing flexibility and coverage for services and supplies that often have small value, are frequent and even scheduled. This presentation will provide a history of this evolving industry and discuss how municipal governments can position their benefit plans to adapt to the new reality while still protecting their most vulnerable members.

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