Sean Fitzpatrick 

With a vision for creating better workplaces everywhere, TalentMap’s CEO and

Founder, Sean Fitzpatrick, ensures that clients are met with successful survey

experiences from start to finish – emphasizing post-survey action planning

throughout. By working across multiple industries with organizations of all sizes, Sean

has gained unique insight into how organizations can improve as they grow. In

addition to leading TalentMap, Sean has authored several articles on measurement in

the workplace and is an avid speaker on improving employee engagement.


Sean has a wealth of experience developing and implementing employee engagement

programs. Sean has worked with such firms as: Calgary Airport Authority, City of

Edmonton, Canadian Western Bank, Legal Aid Alberta, SaskWater, City of Kelowna,

CBC Radio, Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO), EPCOR Utilities,

Canada Post just to name a few. His extensive experience across multiple industries

with various organizations of all sizes gives him a insight into how organizations work

and how they can improve and change as they grow.

October 9th

11:00am - 12:15pm (Breakout Session 1 - Mount Boucherie Room)

It’s Time to Reevaluate your Employee Engagement Program

1:15pm- - 2:30pm (Breakout Session 2 - Mount Boucherie Room)

It’s Time to Reevaluate your Employee Engagement Program

Municipalities are under constant pressure to perform more with staff. So, employee engagement in this sector is lower than in the private sector. One proven response to this challenge is to improve the level of the workforce. Not only will work improve, but it can also help elevate public opinion about government.


Depending on how your municipality is incorporated, you may have to engage police and emergency response, transit workers (and deal with their respective unions), labourers, students and seasonal workers, as well as administrators, research and policy analysts and a host of other types of employees. To complicate matters even further, this usually needs to be done under the watchful eye of city councillors and the media, which often take what seems to be a confrontational approach to city administration.


Join Sean Fitzpatrick, as he relays his extensive experience in measuring and improving employee engagement in municipalities across Canada and the United States. Sean will address concrete issues such as building the case for engagement in municipalities, techniques to maximize participation in engagement surveys, how to engage union membership, engagement issues affecting different types of employees, and managing city council and the media.

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