Frankline Agbor   @diversitymagcan

Frankline Agbor is an Environmental Engineer by trade and an "opportunistic creator" by design. He is passionate about sustainability and started a company called Green Crusader Inc. in 2010 to foster sustainability in Alberta; community, business and planet. His community side of things has generated writing over 1000 articles that featured through a multi-media platform called Diversity Magazine, that has evolved into Diversity Awards, Afro Fest YEG, Diversity TV and most recently, a 10,000 square feet Diversity Centre. Frankline has won numerous awards for his work including Alberta Avenue's 2016 Business Recognition Award, ERIEC's 2016 Partnership Award, NBCC Award, and most recently, Multicultural Education Award. His Diversity Magazine has been showcased on City TV, CBC Edmonton, Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Sun, Global TV, CTV, News Talk 770, and World FM. He was profiled in; 50 Years of Impact: A Biographical Dictionary of Canadians of Cameroon Origin, produced by the Cameroon High Commission in Ottawa. 

October 3rd


2:35pm - 3:45pm (Breakout Session 3 - Sinclair/Palliser Room)

How to Make Diversity and Inclusion a Comparative Advantage  in Your Hiring Process 

What happens when diversity and inclusion are the key ingredients of your organizational model and a core part of your hiring process rather than the icing on the cake? Experience it firsthand with speaker Frankline Agbor; a community builder with the conviction of a man with a mission, combined with the success of sustained community projects. In a world where media and journalism are struggling to make ends meet, Diversity Magazine has developed a flourishing business in both Edmonton and Calgary that can hardly keep up with local demand. Find out how Frankline created his unique business empire by growing it directly using the 8 Principles of diversity and inclusion that you can learn a thing or two from.