Joanne Leskow

Joanne is both a student and champion of corporate culture, transformational change, strategy, and authentic leadership.  She is privileged to contribute award-winning expertise to organizations across North America.  Her most profound inspiration and insights came from a decade of entrepreneurship and another decade spent defining, evolving and sustaining the legendary corporate culture at WestJet Airlines.  With unprecedented growth and expansion, change was definitely a constant and getting it right mission-critical. Joanne has also led innovation and transformation in law-enforcement training, courtroom representation, legal services marketing, and creating culture-propelling workspaces.  A dynamic and sought-after consultant, teacher and speaker, her greatest reward is witnessing people and organizations change and grow together. Mount Royal University has honoured Joanne with a Distinguished Teaching Award for her contributions in leadership, culture, strategy, and change.   

October 3rd


2:35pm - 3:45pm (Breakout Session 3 - Silver Room)

Change Management vs Change Leadership:  A New Approach for Better Outcomes 


3:55pm - 5:05pm (Breakout Session 4 - Silver Room)

Change Management vs Change Leadership:  A New Approach for Better Outcomes 

One of the challenges facing all HR professionals is driving and navigating organizational change.  Old approaches to Change Management tend to the logistics and measurable factors – with limited success.  To help increase your influence, Joanne unlocks a unique approach to deliver sustainable success – Change Leadership.  This broadened approach to change has resulted in more positive and lasting outcomes for Joanne’s audiences, clients, and university students.  If you’re looking for more effective and practical organizational change approaches, this session is for you!