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Karman Gill   @AvantiHCM

Karman joined the Avanti team in the spring of 2015 as an Implementation Specialist. Coming from a Human Resources background to help organizations implement Avanti nationally for 3 years, his areas of expertise within the software include HR, Recruitment & Onboarding, & Web Self Services. As an HR Practitioner he is passionate about HR tech and how it can be used to improve efficiency and streamline manual processes. In his time with Avanti’s Implementation team, he has led 15 different implementations and worked with 5 different Western Canadian municipalities.

October 4th


2:50pm - 4:00pm (Breakout Session 7 - Gold Room)

Mapping Out Your HR Tech for a Better Employee Experience

Is there a disconnect between Payroll & HR, do simple tasks take too long to complete, and is too much time spent validating data. These are all signs that indicate organizational inefficiency, the key to resolving process inefficiency is to identify and address the end to end flow of work. Process mapping will allow you to evaluate and understand the day to day activities of each business unit to identify where system and organizational bottlenecks, repetition, and delays occur. In this session we’ll discuss how process mapping your HR Tech will provide insight into specific tasks and outline clear and concise process boundaries which will help you understand your current state versus your ideal future state.