Michelle Devlin     @michelledevlin

Engage, inspire, develop; a few words used by clients to describe Michelle’s approach to leadership. Michelle offers customized programs supporting corporate culture and leadership development. Michelle specializes in developing fundamental leadership skills and Workplace Respect, just to name a few. She is an accomplished facilitator, speaker and workshop leader who is passionate about fostering and building leadership skills within organizations. Clients admire her enthusiasm and energy.

October 9th


3:00pm- 4:15pm  -  (Breakout Session 3 - Mount Boucherie Room)

Tackling Conversations About Mental Health in the Workplace

Fostering a workplace that is psychologically safe and supporting employees can be difficult for some leaders. Understanding the level of responsibility and the way in which to support employees experiencing mental health concerns is a reality for leaders in any organization.Fear and stigma associated with mental health may affect how people interact with their colleagues. Those struggling with a mental health condition may feel uncomfortable sharing their experiences with their supervisor or colleagues. In this session, we will explore how employers can support and tackle conversations about mental health in the workplace. This session will highlight some of the strategies supervisors can embrace to support a respectful and psychologically safe workplace.