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Pre-Conference Workshops

Cost: $150 per workshop ($250 for both)

October 2nd

 Thursday October 5th, 2017 

 Wednesday October 4th, 2017 

Pre-Conference Workshop #1  


9:00pm- 12:00pm 

How HR Can Help Build Leadership

“The enomony crashes, the government misfires, businesses fail, leaders don’t lead, managers don’t manage, and the people we count on for the results that affect our own performance don’t follow through, leavings us asking, “How did that Happen?”

From the Partners In Leadership Book – How did that Happen?

Leading others isn’t easy, you trade your own personal reputation as a doer, fixer, implementer and superstar for reliance on “others” performance. Leading others only works by holding others accountable.

One of the key challenges in developing tomorrow’s leaders or strengthening current ones is how to train leaders on how to hold others accountable. This workshop trains HR Leaders in how to use our unique leadership model and approaches that lead to accountability, engagement and results. You will learn and takeaway the tools you need to help influence and build leadership in your organization.

The Leadership Builder program

Creates positive accountability: Leaders and managers learn how to lead and hold others accountable the positive, principled way.

Accelerate communication using the FORM Model:

  •   This process helps leaders and managers form Key Expectations in a way that is frameable, obtainable, repeatable, and measurable—ensuring successful understanding and execution. It a revolutionary way to communicate. 

  •   Establishes the “Why”: Leaders learn how to explain the “Why” behind each Key Expectation. Bring your team past low engagement and satisfaction issues by creating a can do, engaged team member.

  •   Provides a troubleshooting framework: We provide our clients a tested process for determining where problems are or may arise when an expectation is in danger of failing to be delivered.

  •  Improve employee morale: When the entire team is accountable there is no “blame game” increasing moral, engagement and loyalty.

Stephan Brandt

Michelle Devlin

Pre-Conference Workshop #2  


1:00pm- 4:00pm

Title: Creating a Culture of Respect

Disrespectful behaviour costs companies thousands of dollars in lost time, absenteeism and turnover every year. Left unchecked, these behaviours can escalate leading to more serious offences and sometimes legal action. 


Respectful workplaces don’t just happen; they are built. Workplace Respect starts with your leadership team. Research supports the fact that healthy and respectful workplaces lead to higher morale, increased engagement and productivity.

Join Michelle Devlin from Creating People Power Inc. as she helps you understand expectations, explore risks and review consequences of not taking action around disrespectful behaviour. 


Outcomes of this workshops include:

  • Overview of legal responsibilities

  • Define respectful and disrespectful behaviours 

  • Outline employer and employee responsibilities related to creating a healthy and respectful workplace.

  • Strategies on how to deal with cases of disrespectful behaviour


CAUTION! Our workshops are highly interactive and this enthusiastic presenter will keep people engaged even in the workshop “everybody is forced to come to!”  Be prepared to discuss scenarios, case studies and real life work challenges.



WORKSHOP TAKE-A-WAY:  All workshop participants will receive a Sample Workplace Respect Policy as a take away!