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Dr. Gordon McIntosh - KeynoteSpeaker 

Dr. McIntosh has thirty-nine years of management, educator and consultancy roles with local government. He has conducted 1,200 governance, strategic and leadership sessions involving 140,000 elected and appointed officials. Gordon received the Professional Award of Excellence as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) responsible for the 470 Gulf Islands in the Georgia Basin and has served as President of the Local Government Management Association in BC.  Doctor McIntosh’s research focuses on local government leadership, in particular the CAO and the political/administrative interface. Current faculty roles include the Universities of York, BC, Alberta, Victoria and Cape Breton as well as the Uongozi Institute of Leadership for a Sustainable Development in Africa. Dr. McIntosh is passionate about local government and is constantly learning as he facilitates leadership, strategic or governance sessions with elected officials and professionals. He has conducted over 1,200 sessions throughout Canada and overseas and looks forward to sharing insights so we can make a leadership difference in local government.

October 11th

9:00am - 10:15am (Shuswap/Pennask/Skeena Room)

What is Black & White… and Grey All Over!”

Success in local government is not so much about dealing with the ‘black and white’ but dealing with the ‘grey’ aspects of Council/management or management/staff – often referred to a ‘political astuteness’. Dr. Gordon McIntosh will share insights to the political/administrative interface and a diagnostic tool for HR professionals to enhance their contribution to the future local government leadership legacy by exploring: The Core Local Government Functions Framework; A Local Government Leadership Competency; Emerging local government leadership imperatives ….. at all levels!  Leave this session with tools to enhance organizational training efforts as well as individual leadership needs assessment and development …… and coaching!

10:45am - 12:00pm (Keynote - Shuswap/Pennask/Skeena Room)

It Depends!  Situational Leadership in Local Government

Civic employee and organizational success depend on navigating the dynamic situational aspects of local government.  ‘Situational leadership fit’ means adapting personal behaviours to the grey aspects of internal administrative and political relations and professional skills alignment with strategic imperatives facing the organization.  What does that mean for the design and delivery leadership development efforts?  Join Gordon who has interviewed over 150 Chief Administrative Officers and conducted over 1,300 sessions throughout Canada to gain insights to:  1. The nature of situational leadership in local government  2. Emerging leadership imperatives for local government leaders at all levels  3. Thoughts about HR practices, employee training and leadership coaching.  Leave this session with an emerging leadership framework to align HR practices with the dynamic aspects of local government.