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Elevate 2023 Keynote Speaker Line-Up

We have an amazing lineup of speakers for you this year! 


Two Spirit Couple

Dr. James Makokis & Anthony Johnson

Pam_August-Nov2021-1 web.jpg

Pam August

Former Director, Culture Activation at WestJet

Coleen MAdesn.jpg

Colleen Madsen

The Experience Group

Roy pogorzelski image.jpg

Roy Pogorzelski

RWP Consulting

Breakout Sessions 

Workplace Investigations

Money Matters: Financial Wellness

The 5 Stage Process for Better Engagement, Creativity and Productivity

Uncovering Unconscious Bias

ChatGPT: Writing Content at the Blink of an Eye for HR Professionals

Me, Myself and I – The Problem, The Solution, and often both!

Get them to do their own work! Establishing Boundaries for HR Professionals

Uncovering hidden talent in your workplace – recognizing and embracing neurodiversity

Hybrid Work: New Normal

Unstuck: Overcoming Paralysis by Analysis to Get Ahead in HR

Neuro-Diversity Panel

Dr. Chow Telus Health





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